The Courageous Truth:

Awaken the Revolution Within

Sex, Relationship, and Individual Therapy for Bold People Searching for Radical Authenticity in Life and Love.

It takes a huge amount of courage to show up, dig deep, be vulnerable, and claim your authentic truth.

It’s a big deal that you’re here.

Sex Therapist Minneapolis
I'm Angela-

a queer, fat, cis woman, mother, speaker, entrepreneur, and therapist. I’m an artist and musician. I’m a birth/postpartum doula and a childbirth educator. I’m a licensed graduate social worker with a degree in human sexuality. My family is trans, poly and multi-racial. My sexuality is a wide variety of identities and experiences. I also sit regularly on the other side of the chair as a therapy client, and I intimately understand how challenging and liberating opening up can be.  

My vision is to create a space where radical, creative, thoughtful, intelligent, passionate seekers and adventurers like us are invited to show up as our whole authentic self, where we are seen and celebrated as valuable and vital to the world. A space where we can heal old wounds, strengthen our self-worth, and learn and practice new skills for our relationships, sex, and life transitions of all kinds, in order to live and love from our deepest and most authentic self.

So, bring your courage, along with your nagging worries, your insecurities, your core fears, your broken parts, your shame, confusion, and pain. Bring all of the ways you feel you are hiding your light and holding yourself back in life and love. This is a space for radical transformation. This is a place of unconditional acceptance. This space was created for you.


All identities. All genders. All relationships. All Desires.

All of you is welcome here.