Individual Therapy


Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.

Sometimes you’re not sure you need someone to talk to.

Sometimes someone else suggests you need someone to talk to.


You’ve seen other therapists in the past, but had a hard time finding the right fit. Maybe they didn’t get you. Maybe they didn’t see you. Maybe you didn’t feel comfortable showing all of yourself. Maybe you weren’t ready to be seen. 

You’ve never seen a therapist before... you feel like you probably should, but everything that you’ve seen on TV or heard from other people makes you wonder if this could ever really help. Maybe you feel like this is “just the way you are” – like this is as good as it gets. But somehow—you want more. 

I work with individuals who want more from life; who feel like their potential has not yet been unlocked – who sense a more authentic, more real, more true version of themselves just under the surface.

I work with people who want to show up in the world and be embraced for all of who they are.

I work with people as peers and companions on a journey together; understanding that everything you need is actually within you. You have the strength. You have the will. You have the wisdom. You have incredible inner knowing. 


I hold space for your process, and bring all of my tools, training, and experience to the table to support the work that you are here to do. I provide an environment that is filled with warmth, compassion, support, nurturing, and affirmation. I stay present, and listen deeply. I play the roles of mirror, guide, coach, and fan! Because you are amazing. And I completely believe in you. 

Together, we will take the time you need to build trust, to open up, and to move through all that is holding you back from being your most authentic self. 

Therapy doesn’t have to be scary. It’s going to be hard, hilarious, wonderful, relieving, anxiety-provoking, healing … and, possibly, so much more. 


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