It takes courage to live and love authentically; to reveal - and revel in - the truest version of yourself.

authentic therapy

It takes time to heal, time to learn to love ourselves with the compassion, joy and respect we deserve. And it takes support along the way. I’ll be there with you at every step - reminding you of your strengths and inherent knowledge, sharing deep belly laughs when it’s hilarious, calling you on your shit when a reminder is needed, holding calm and grounded space for the vulnerable times, and reminding you (and celebrating!) how much progress you’ve made along the way.

I work with individuals and relationships of all kinds to learn to listen to, take seriously, and meet their own and each other’s core needs; to heal painful patterns from the past, and create new ways forward.

Our work together is going to make you more you.

It’s not going to change you into somebody else. It has the potential to set your whole self free to live with abundance, hope and complete awesomeness as you take your place in the world. We need YOU in this world!

It's time to live life on your own terms; to claim your space and re-write your story.

I can’t wait to Meet you!

And, for those of you that are interested in the jargon: I do not believe that one single modality holds all of the keys to healing for all people. I believe there is much value in many different modalities of therapy, and I tailor my approach to the unique needs of each individual and relationship. I utilize theories from an intersectional, trauma-informed and attachment-focused lens. I am a Health At Every Size provider. Modalities may include: feminist, mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, narrative, Jungian, solution-focused, systems theory, Rogerian, psychodynamic, relational, art, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman.