Do you take insurance?

I accept cash or credit/debit/Health Savings Account cards only, and payment is due on the date of service. See below for more information about sliding scale options!

Is a 70 minute or 90 minute session right for me? Is that much time really necessary? Or is it even enough?

When billing insurance, systems often restrict client appointments to 45 minutes. In my practice, I prefer a minimum of a full 70 minutes with you. When we are doing this work of opening up, being vulnerable with a stranger - it takes TIME! I don’t want you to feel rushed in this process. I want you to be able to unfold at a pace that feels right for you, and I have found that 70 minutes is the right amount of time for most people.

That said, 90 minute appointments can be helpful for many reasons. These appointments can be helpful when you are coming as a couple or polycule with multiple people who need the space to be heard. The extra time can be utilized if we are bringing art or other forms of therapy into the session. Or, sometimes you just have a lot coming up and there is extra to process. Ultimately, the 70 and 90 minute options are about giving you the opportunity to have the space and time that feels right for your individual needs. 120 minute options are also available.

Do you offer sliding scale appointments? 

I am very happy to say that yes, I offer sliding scale appointments! I am deeply committed to breaking down barriers to accessing therapy. I do not require you to “prove” your financial worth to me - I only ask that you pay what you can at a rate that values both your resources as well as mine. My sliding scale is $30-$180 per 70 minute session. I have space for 5 sliding scale clients at a time, and at this time my sliding scale spots are full. You can email me to request to be placed on my waiting list.

How often should I come to therapy? And how long does it take?

When starting out most people come to therapy once a week, and occasionally people choose to come twice per week. The deciding factors may be what you are needing to work on, your availability or your finances. People sometimes go down to every 2-3 weeks once they have made significant change and weekly support is no longer feeling necessary.

How long therapy takes is also incredibly individual and depends on many factors. Most of my clients come for a minimum of six months. That said, there are many who come much longer and a few who come for a shorter amount of time. There are others who may finish what they came to work on, but then later come back for a few sessions months or years later if they experience a significant life incident. There is no right answer to this question. The decision to end therapy is a conversation that we will approach in session along the way, and ultimately - the choice is up to you.

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