Sex Therapy

What is sex therapy, anyway?
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Sex therapy can be (almost!) whatever it is that you need it to be. In sex therapy, there is no touching or intimate contact of any kind—we are discussing questions and concerns related to your experiences of sexuality. You might want to learn more about a certain topic, process a past experience or explore possibilities that you’d like to have in the future. Some people seek out sex therapy on their own, and some bring their partner(s).

I support people becoming curious, learning more about and exploring the boundaries of their own sexuality.

Common reasons people might seek out sex therapy:

sex therapist minneapolis
  • Desire-related concerns: Desire discrepancy in your relationship / loss of desire / increase in desire / etc.

  • Illness-related concerns: Body changes affecting your sexuality / medication side effects - these could be chronic or acute, mental or physical. These could include STI’s, pain with sex, infertility, positioning concerns, and more.

  • BDSM/kink-related concerns: how to consider safety / consent / best practices / communication / gear / etc.

  • Changing body-related concerns: pregnancy & postpartum / aging / menopause / weight loss or gain / chronic pain / disability / non-medical or medical aspects of gender transition/confirmation, and more.

  • Compulsive sexual behavior or pornography use

  • Personal education: better understand your own body and desires / masturbation techniques / orgasm / sexual abuse survivor support

  • .....and so much more! The possibilities are endless.

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Sex is an absolutely normal and healthy part of our human experience. It’s important to have a space where we can talk about our sexual concerns and desires that is non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and supportive in order to have a fulfilling and healthy sex life, whether that is by yourself, with others or not at all (asexuality is real!).

Before I was a therapist, I was a sex educator and speaker for over a decade. I’ve helped thousands of people learn about themselves, and I’ve heard just about everything!

No question is too weird.

Ask me anything—you might be surprised at how “normal” you really are.