Relationship Therapy

Have you ever found yourself thinking:

  • I feel lonely and miss my partner, even though they are right here?

  • If everything was “right” then sex would feel easy.

  • I just don’t know how to tell my partner _________.

  • Should we get married/buy a house/get divorced/have a baby/open our relationship (or any other big life decisions)?

  • I want more/less/different kinds of sex and intimacy than my partner.

  • I wish I knew my partner better.

  • I wish my partner knew me better.

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While most of us have some part that wants to believe in the myth of the fairy tale relationship, there are times when the reality of our partnerships leaves us feeling hurt, confused, lost and needing support. This is normal and you are not alone! I help couples and relationships of all configurations to create and strengthen positive patterns of communication, connection, compassion, joy and understanding.

It is common for people to wait until a point of crisis to reach out and ask for help. We feel embarrassed, we blame ourselves, we worry about judgement from others. A common refrain in couples therapy is - “we wish we would have come sooner.” It is possible to find great relief and healing in your relationship and the sooner you are able to come, the easier it is to untangle.

No matter what label you use, your relationship is supported here.

For One

Are you in a relationship that you know is in trouble, but your partner/s is (are) not ready to come to therapy together? Maybe you are healing from a relationship that just ended, or preparing for new possibilities to come...

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While the ideal is that you would both/all come together, that isn’t always possible for a myriad of reasons. But relationships are systems—and completely interconnected. You can still take action to support and find clarity for yourself, which will absolutely affect your relationship as a whole.

I work with individuals to discuss and analyze different aspects of your relationship, find clarity about what is going on from your perspective, and come up with ways that you can make changes with and for yourself. Together, we can help you to know when staying in a relationship is right for you, find your edges and boundaries, and support you in sticking to them.

Because you always have choice and voice. Together, we can help you to use it in a way that adds more health, more clarity, more confidence, and more of your authentic self to your relationship with yourself and your partner(s).


Open Relationships

Whether you have been curious about opening your relationship or are experienced in relationships with multiple people, I speak your language, and can help you find the path that’s right for you in this space that often feels like uncharted territory!

How do you hold the needs of multiple people in one relationship? How do you stay aware of important power dynamics? How does communication work with multiple people? How do the logistics work? Desire discrepancies? How to spend money? How to parent? 

I work with people in relationships of all configurations and experience levels to sort through the stuff of daily life—from “what ifs” and logistics; to jealousy, rules, and structures; to “coming out” to the rest of the world, and roles and dynamics as they change over time.

No matter what label you use, your relationship is supported here.

Open relationships, polyamory and more!

  • Open relationship

  • Polyamory

  • Relationship Anarchy

  • Solo Poly

  • Swinging 

  • Monogamish

  • Polyfidelity

  • Metamour dynamics

  • Support for people who are in the secondary role

  • Any other label that you choose to use 

  • Or no label at all! 

There is no one way to have a relationship. 

relationship therapy
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Discernment Counseling

Coming Soon!

In the meantime, check out Modern Commitment to find a therapist near you who is offering Discernment Counseling, as well as other helpful tools for relationships.