Art & Creativity Therapy

What inspires you?

What helps calm you down?

What connects you to your deepest truths?

Sometimes words just aren’t the right path through whatever is keeping us stuck. Sometimes words are what is keeping us stuck. When that happens, we have other options!

I work with clients using art, astrology, myth/storytelling, music, labyrinths and many other kinds of creative processes to help spark new forward movement.

art therapist minneapolis


Art can be coloring in a coloring book. Art can be a collage that you burn at the end. Art can be drawing on white paper with a white piece of chalk so it can’t really be seen. Art can be drawing and tracing a labyrinth. Myth and the great stories of the shared human experience/existence can also be powerful when we apply the journey and wisdom to our own personal experiences. (Do you read the writing of Chani Nicholas every week? Well - then you certainly already know we have plenty of rich material to discuss!)

art therapist minneapolis


When we are processing with words, we are staying in the analytic part of our brain. However, when we pause our words and shift into doing something creative, we are able to access different parts of our brains and even shift into connection with our body. Often, people find that temporarily changing up the way that they are processing a topic can bring new ideas, insight and movement through a place where they have been previously stuck. Sometimes words are like a square peg trying to fit through a round hole - we need the options of a full toolbox!

art therapist minneapolis


Sometimes “art” can sound intimidating - we worry about whether or not the final product will be good enough. We worry that we aren’t actually an artist. In therapy art isn’t actually about the product—it’s about the process.

That said, you never have to do art in order to work with me. It’s always optional.